What TPHS do

TPHS are a well established and experienced firm of transport planners and engineers providing expert advice and inputs on development projects in terms of highways and transport.

Our range of expertise spans the complete life cycle of the development project and includes:

  • initial site feasibility, due diligence and appraisal, working through the development of multi-modal access strategies as a site layout evolves,
  • preparation of the full range of supporting material for planning applications including Transport Statements, Assessments and Travel Plans.
  • negotiation of Section 106, 278 and S38 approvals
  • defining and preparing drawings of the agreed package of works
  • preparation and presentation of Evidence at Public Inquiries, hearings and also as appearances as expert on highways and transport at High Court

boxPreparation of TA’s and Travel Plans

Our core expertise is in the preparation of Transport Assessments, Transport Statements, Travel Plans and Servicing & Access Strategies to support planning applications. We have significant experience negotiating a development through the planning process in relation to highways and transport obligations and securing affordable and effective financial contributions. We also undertake feasibility and due diligence assessments for clients on sites pre purchase to define any abnormals and costs in addition to preparing construction and traffic management plans.

Presentation of Evidence at Public Inquiries

Our experience encompasses successful representation of clients’ development schemes at numerous Public Inquiries, Hearings and Written Representations and also providing expert evidence on transport and highways at the High Court. Professional experience has been gained on commissions for a wide range of land uses including residential developments, local land promotion of sites, commercial buildings, energy from waste facilities and hotels.

Detailed design and supervision

In association with our professional partners we are also able to provide the full range of highways design work – from outline feasibility to detailed design and supervision.