Commercial Mixed use Projects

Commercial Mixed use Projects

TPHS provide advice to a number of clients for a range of commercial land and buildings. Inputs to project include provision of advice in relation to all modes of transport and assessment of the impacts of development using trip generation models which take into account potential for cross-visitation and trip linkage between uses on site or in the local area.

We have provided a range of reports including Transport Assessments, Transport Statements, Travel Plans and Service and Delivery strategies in addition to CTMP’s for developments which have been delivered successfully for our clients. Some of our recent projects include:

Elsenham Meadows, nr Stansted, Client – Cheergrey Properties

Farringdon Road, London, Client – Viridis Ltd

Maple House, City Road Islington, Client – Helical Bar Plc

King Street Hammersmith, Client – Helical Bar Plc

Confidential Mixed-Use sites, Client – Helical Retail Ltd